Almost a week!

Well it has been almost a week since I posted anything – so what has been happening?  Last Thursday and Friday were pretty normal days, kids, housework etc but then Saturday morning arrives with Alex in our bed at around 6.30am.  Pete eventually decides he will take Alex to the beach so Sam and I can sleep in but then Sam wakes up and they are all going.  It was such a beautiful morning that I decide to go too!!  So by 7.30am we were all down at Manly walking along the beach heading for the Corso and some breakky.  We saw a wedding at around 8am (breakfast wedding!?!) and then wandered back to Queenscliff for a swim (not me, the boys and Pete). I went for a long walk and then the boys just played on the beach for a while and finally we decide we better go home for some lunch.  We had been at the beach all morning!!  It was fantastic and we all had the best time. 

We then spent the afternoon at the school working bee – I can tell you we were all in bed pretty early!

On Sunday we had friends over for lunch and we all sat out the front in the sun and ate lots and chatted and all the kids and babies were very good.  Little Madeline even fell asleep on the table – very cute!

We then headed to the beach for a play with one of Alex’s school buds but it got a bit windy – mind you the boys all went for another swim!!  Gotta love Sydney weather!
As I type this it is another stunning day! Sam and I are off to see the OT today for an assessment so that should be good.

So I will attempt to start my Circle Journal that I am doing with the girls at The Scrappers Hub as I am running behind and need to send it on.  I have never done one before so hope it works out ok!! 

This is the moon over Manly late last week – I think Thursday night!



Some Pretty Pics!! Well one is anyway…

So the 1st May has come and gone – I was at work yesterday but today had a catch up day – doing bits and pieces that never seem to get done.  It still looks like nothing has been done around here though! LOL!

These pictures are of my monkeys on top of the car (which they are not supposed to do) but who can resist a photo!  Note Alex’s skeleton top (which is actually his pyjama top) he wore it for a couple of days straight!  It glows in the dark, so can you blame him?

This pitcure is the pretty one – sunset as seen from the front yard.  We are very lucky to live here!

So I promised you some pretty pictures and when I said it I meant cards or scrapping layouts but I haven’t had time to do any – well I could have last night but was having too much fun watching Fifi Box on Dancing with the Stars – shame she didn’t win but Kate Cebrano was great too!

Speaking of TV – Jade MacRae (my brother’s girlfriend) will be one of the professional singers on “It Takes Two” again this season, so be watching on Tuesday 8th May to see her in action – it was a great show last year!