Much excitment this afternoon when Alex came running in from the bushland across the road yelling “Red Bellied Black Snake!” 

So I jumped up and grabbed the camera and ran across the road to see Pete, Sam and his friend Riley all looking down into the bush at a very long very black snake!  

I snapped a couple of shots and this one captured the red belly!  It was about 1.5m long and slithered under a pile of dead branches and then about a minute late slithered out and down a drop further down into the bush!  We have seen other snakes before but not one of Australia’s most dangerous!! 

It has been a busy busy weekend and that was certainly an exciting way to end it.  Alex did the right thing by immediately calling his Dad, so I am very proud of him!



School Holiday Card Making!

Some might say that this is a difficult thing to do but when you have a holiday house at your disposal and children who go to bed well it is easy to sit down and do some creating.  So here are my latest cards.  I also did some scrapping a while ago and will put some pics here of those too soon.


This card was made using the images I created while stampin’ off for the card three below. I used the leftover images and cardstock and it came together very quickly – I love that about card making!


 This card is an idea I have used often in scrapping and I just decided to make a card in the same way – very very simple and again made with scraps.


This card is made using one of the Level One hostess sets – ‘Reasons to Smile’. It is a lovely set and so pretty.


This card I CASEd from the technique booklet – just the design layout really, it is simple yet effective.  This is the card I was stampin’ off for (mentioned above)


 Another butterfly – different colours same idea.

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New babies, new stamp set!

With Alex’s teacher and our friend and neighbour having a baby within a week of each other, how could I resist buying the gorgeous ‘Bundle Of Joy’ baby set out of the current mini catalogue!

I had been considering it since the mini was released but really couldn’t justify it – thinking it was just for babies. But last night I used the gorgeous giraffe and teddy to help decorate a little girls birthday card. So you see it is versatile and therefore needed to be in my collection!!!LOL So here are the results.




The next card is a thank you card I have made for all our staff, we are selling our business after 2.5 years and I wanted to personally thank all the staff for being such great team members, so I CASEd this out of the Idea Book and Catalogue pg 66. As always when I CASE something it ends up a little different but that is the point really – grabbing ideas from somewhere and adapting them to suit what you have on hand at the time.

I made 10 of these last night and it really didn’t take me all that long, so now I think I should apply the same simple design to my Christmas cards, that way they might actually get done before Christmas!!


All images copyright Stampin’ Up 1990-2007