26th January 2009 Australia Day!

Australia Day 2009 – We started the day with breakfast at Manly Dam with the usual suspects.  After some typical Aussie activites – BBQ, swimming in the Dam, fun in the inflatable boat, it was time for cake!  Ian and Sue provided the very yummy caramel mudcake!  Happy Birthday Australia!



21st – 25th January 2009

So I have a few days to catch up on…

25th January 2009

Today’s photo is on honour of the Australian Open which is on right now.  We are watching a lot of tennis in our house and today Pete suggested a family game.  Even though the temperature had dropped it was still warm and humid, Sam really didn’t want to play but Alex, Pete and I had a good hit.  So on the tennis they keep showing tennis balls strategically placed for a good shot before a match or during a break, so I thought I would recreate the shot to show our support!


24th January 2009

Today’s photo is of Sam, Alex, Colm, Christian and Matthew all very tired after much swimming and a 41C day in Sydney.  This photo was taken after 9.30pm, we had dinner with Michele and Jennifer and David and all the kids.  There was much swimming, playing of DS’s and Wii games by all the kids.


23rd January

Three Days with the King aftermath.  Today’s photo was taken late on Thursday after Sam had returned from camp.  He had a wonderful time but was very tired and emotional when he came home.  I suggested a movie and within about half an hour he was asleep.  He hasn’t done that in years!  He slept for over an hour and then woke up full of camp stories!


22nd January 2009

Today’s photo is a bit of a cheat as it was taken last night but my friend Sue took the photo of Alex sleeping over at their place last night.  It was too cute a photo not to include!  My photo for today was also of Alex but it was at Nanna’s shop whilst he was trying on costumes to help Nanna out.



21st January 2009

Today I met with my friend Dana for lunch for her birthday. We went to Dee Why Beach and wandered around looking for the perfect place to eat.  We settled on the Sandbar restaurant and ordered the most scrumptious Chicken, Mango and Haloumi Salad.  I can’t wait to go back and have another – we both ordered it and loved it.  The weather was stunning too!


19th and 20th January

Today’s photo is Alex with his tennis racquet as he was setting off to tennis camp.  This is just a daily thing but he really enjoyed yesterday and is booked in for every day this week.  I hope he is not too hot!!


Yesterday’s photo is of Sam sitting on his suitcase and pillow.  We were about to head out the door to take him to his first camp, with All Saints church.  This is a HUGE thing for both of us and I am so PROUD of him for going.  All reports are good so far.  He is gone for 3 nights – the longest time he has been away from us.


17th and 18th January 2009

Today’s photo is of our Bingo set.  A few weeks ago Pete volunteered to take the Summer Sunday School at church, now we are fairly new to the church but Pete wanted to do it, so I let him.  He organised it all himself and ran it with the help of Nicola.  For over an hour he played Bingo and Sock Hockey with 28 children!!!!!


Yesterday’s photo is of Alex and Christian playing the PS2.  We ran into Jennifer, Christian and Stephanie at Big W and Alex was desperate for Christian to come for a play.  So he came home with us and they spent the whole time on the Playstation!!  But hey they enjoyed themselves!


15th & 16th January 2009

Today’s photo is of my scrapping space, I have been trying to sort out our stuff a bit over the holidays and I finally tidied my desk and made a page last night.  I plan to keep sorting today as there is much that needs to go! 


Yesterday’s photo is of my fabulous Impanema thongs that I bought way back in October to take to Queensland.  I have worn them almost daily since and I LOVE them!  Unfortunately I lost one of my jewels on NYE at Manly but I still LOVE them!


13th and 14th January 2009

14th January

Today Sam and I played our new family version of Trivial Pursuit.  We got it for Christmas and it is great because it has questions for children and questions for adults, so you really can play it together.  Unfortunately Sam whipped me in our first game, the photo shows his pie completely filled, it also shows the funky clear die the game comes with, thankfully the photo (taken by me) doesn’t show my pie with only two slices in it!!


13th January 2009

Today’s photo is of our Learning Ladder Leaders Meeting held at Next Generation Fitness at North Ryde.  We have all our Learning Ladder training there and last night Ellie (and the company) shouted us a pizza dinner to kick off the year.  I have been with the Learning Ladder since February 2008.