Last night we went to see the Christmas lights in Davidson.  There were lots and lots of people there as it was a balmy night in Sydney.  This house says it all…

That was last night and then this morning this is what children who have been up till 11pm do…

Only 3 sleeps to go now, so much still to do. 

Merry Christmas!



These fabulous Alphabet Photograph art pieces were posted by Jessica at Craftily Ever After  I love them and may take on the challenge of photographing my own alphabet.  So here is what I have done with them.


Chrismtas Decor

This is for my mother in law because she is not on facebook and will not have seen these photos, also the Nesting Place is having a Christmas 2010 Tour of Homes. So I thought I may as well post something here – it has only been a few (cough) months!

I should add that the large vase under the mantel is no longer thanks to a stray basketball in the house! Thankfully no one was hurt despite the huge amount of broken glass and I only lost one bauble too! The rule ‘no balls in the house’ is now being taken seriously.