InstaFriday party time!

Today I am linking up with Jeanett from Life rearranged for Insta Friday where you can link your recent iPhone pics, most of mine are from Instagram. This represents the last week or so in our house.  Not as many this week as I have been a bit sick *cough cough* but here they are


Our good friends son turned 13 last Saturday, this is how he arranged the candles on his birthday cake – such a boy teen thing to do!


More wandering through Ikea in preparation of the big move, I am thinking about these cushions for our outdoor lounge area – love the bright colours and graphic design.


Alex and Rosie in a fairly typical position on the lounge…aww sweet ❤


Love love love Kristina Werner’s Holiday Card Series, she has done it for the last couple of years and is so inspiring, this is a photo I took of my laptop screen.


So this is a really crappy photo, photographing TV screens is not as successful as laptop screens but I recently unearthed the lost tapes of Sam and Alex from our old old video camera.  I am so happy we have this footage ❤

So that is it for today, enjoy!



Wow that week went fast!! In about 3 weeks we will take possession of our new house and will be moving the week after that so we have time to paint and carpet and build the all important gate to contain our very naughty dog, Rosie.

Ok so on with the show, I am linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged, following are a few snaps from the past week.  Her links won’t be up yet as it is still Thursday in the US but check back later and you can see what other Instagramers have been up to.


This is from my cousins 30th Birthday party, she hosted High Tea at a church hall and purchased/borrowed about 60 gorgeous tea cup sets.  I loved the deco feel of mine.  Shame we couldn’t keep them!  It was a lovely afternoon.


In the lead up to our move, hubby and I cleared out the garage and made 3 (yes 3!) trips to the tip, I certainly do not want to pack or move stuff that has been in our garage for 7 years! If I haven’t needed it in the past 7 years I am sure I can live without it.  But how could I get rid of this gem without a photo! Gotta love the digital age!


Here in Sydney last Sunday was NRL Grand final day and our team the Manly Sea Eagles were up against the NZ Warriors, so we went to our friends house to watch it on the big screen!  Sea Eagles won!  Good day all round!


Here is Alex playing on the sand at Queenscliff, it looks so gorgeous but it was a bit blustery and chilly out of the sun.


Two pics of Alex helping chuck out all the rubbish at the tip.  Yay to getting rid of it all!


And finally we have evidence of how naughty our dog Rosie really is. It was raining this morning so I relented and let Rosie stay inside for a few hours. This is the result…naughty puppy 😛

PS The orange bag was filled with rubbish from one of the cupboards I cleaned out, she also got my empty handbag and my husbands lunchbox from yesterday that was left on the dining table.

Insta Friday Link up

Today I am linking up with Jeanett from Life rearranged for Insta Friday where you can link your recent iPhone pics, most of mine are from Instagram. This represents the last week or so in our house.  I love being able to take such great photos with my phone!


This is a pic of the light shade I plan to put over the dining table in my new house.



This is my gorgeous boy in a new shirt my mother gave him – notice my older son’s art in the background, newly framed (thanks Ikea) and ready to hang in his new room when we move.


I took this photo the day after the SOLD sign went up on our new house – can’t wait to move in!!


Had to include this gem of no 2 son catching some z’s in my bed – love school holidays!


So here is the ‘real life’ stuff, a weeks worth of folded washing on my bed.


Here is the yum stuff, choc chip cookies we made! Seriously good!


And finally a game of Sorry and a photo of me and the boy who won the game – can’t you tell!