Scissors Paper Ink Scrap Camp 4th and 5th June 2011

Ok so I know I am bombarding  you with posts, however I have been meaning to upload the layouts I did while on a recent Scrap Camp, all 22 of them but I thought that may be too many photos to put in one blog post.  So then I remembered making a collage in Picasa in the past so off I went and downloaded Picasa again.  While in Picasa I discovered that I could make a video of my layouts.  Ah-may-zing!  So that is what I did.

Unfortunately I didn’t add any audio, so no lovely music to listen too while watching and also I took all the photos this evening with my iPhone (did I mention I have a new iPhone 4 LOL!) so they are crap quality in comparison to other layouts I have posted in the past.  But now I have figured out how easy this was to do I may just redo it in the near future.

Shout out to Cay, who prompted this post.


Scrap the boys revisited

About 4 years ago I would regularly submit my scrapbook layouts to the Scrap the Boys blog, well things have changed a little over there since then but they still have great challenges for layouts about boys.  So I was already at my scrap desk doing my card and thought well why not submit a layout to the June challenge which happens to be a colour challenge using red, aqua, yellow and white.

So once again I have used my trusty new iPhone to take and send myself the photo of the layout.

Journaling reads

When Sam was in Year 1 he received an award at the school speech day at the end of the year. We celebrated with a mini party with cake and a small gift.  Here are some of the mini drawings he made with his gift. They have been on the kitchen door since then! Well done buddy. Photos and drawings 2005  Words 2011

When I looked through photos today I found these and I remembered about the roll of drawings that was still on the kitchen door.  So much has happened since then and sometimes I wonder why I keep these things and then I make a layout and understand why.

Pre-Class Card

I have signed up for the Summer Card Camp 2011 with Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire starting on June 27.  In the meantime we have access to the private blog and have been encouraged to upload a card so we know what to do come class time.  So here is the card I am going to practise with.  I made this card to thank my aunt for making me a bunch of crocheted flowers and butterflies, like the one on the card.

So I can’t wait for the class to start and you can still sign up.


LOAD Layouts

Hello out there, well I have managed to make it through LOAD and have a few layouts to share with you. I will not put them all up because that would be way too many and way too boring, so I have chosen my particular favourites for your viewing pleasure! Now these layouts are done with random photos – there is no particular order. I just chose photos that I liked.  Anyway I hope you enjoy them!

Layout a Day – February 2011

So last May I did a LOAD but didn’t quite complete it due to uni commitments but luckily for me there was one on this month when the boys are back at school but I am not yet back at uni.

So here are my first two layouts, the first one we had to base our page on a photo that inspired us – hence my Grow layout and the second day (today) the prompt was to type your name into ebay and use one of the photos on the first page as your inspiration.

The shoes in the above photo were the Mary Janes I found during my ebay search.  I will endeavour to upload my layouts every day or so.

It’s been a while…

I am about to embark on a LOAD! What is that? I hear you asking. Well it is a layout a day in May!!! Yep I am going to make and upload a layout a day in May. Before I start though I thought I would share my most recent scrapping layouts. A few weeks ago I went away for a scrap camp and completed over 20 layouts and I am going to post most of them here. I hope you enjoy them.

13th and 14th January 2009

14th January

Today Sam and I played our new family version of Trivial Pursuit.  We got it for Christmas and it is great because it has questions for children and questions for adults, so you really can play it together.  Unfortunately Sam whipped me in our first game, the photo shows his pie completely filled, it also shows the funky clear die the game comes with, thankfully the photo (taken by me) doesn’t show my pie with only two slices in it!!


13th January 2009

Today’s photo is of our Learning Ladder Leaders Meeting held at Next Generation Fitness at North Ryde.  We have all our Learning Ladder training there and last night Ellie (and the company) shouted us a pizza dinner to kick off the year.  I have been with the Learning Ladder since February 2008.